Organic Farm

In our farm, We believe that food grown with the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and other conventional inputs, are not only harmful to our farmers and consumers but also to the environment.

Instead we encourage biodiversity and rely on building and maintaining healthy rich and fertile soils to grow our crops. We use our certified organic fertilizer, compost, vermi-tea, vermicastings, and indigenous beneficial microorganisms to enrich the soil and increase "organic matter". We also use natural farming botanicals and attractants for pest control as well as incorporating the practices of crop rotation, green manuring, companion planting and cover crops.

We believe that natural, sustainable methods can produce healthy, rich and fertile soil. This soil, in turn, will produce nutrient-filled, healthy crops, which in turn leads to healthy animals and healthy people. This is the foremost principle behind our farms.

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