Conventional farmers (conventional refers to the method of farming that uses chemical inputs) rely on synthetic chemicals to ensure the fast, healthy growth of large quantities of crops in order to meet the demand.  Organic farmers take a completely different route with their fertilizers and pesticides, aiming, instead, to feed the soil, which in turn, will feed their plants.
Using fresh compost and other natural materials, organic farmers are well aware that they are contributing to environmental conservation.  They allow the soil to be healthy and rich, prevent soil erosion, allow soil to retain more minerals, help remove pests and toxins, and nourish crops.

Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer┬« is made from the process of large-scale bokashi composting which transforms raw organic materials into a stable, sweet-smelling earthy substance.  This substance is rich in humus, beneficial microorganisms, and fungi and contains a balanced blend of all the essential plant nutrients.

Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer® is a valuable source of organic matter to help improve the efficiency of water and nutrient use in soils. This organic fertilizer is created exclusively from organic materials and agricultural byproducts, in adherence to the standards of the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) and NICERT (an independent third party organic guarantee system) organic standards.

Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer┬« improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.  While adding healthy nutrients and properties, it promotes better plant growth and increases crop yield.  Our fertilizers store their nutrients with the organic matter, releasing it at the proper natural time.

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