Our burner oils, all made from plant-based materials, are guaranteed to make any room smell wonderful. With six variants to choose from, Fresh Start strives to surpass your expectations with a wide variety.

Offering a citrusy scent with a bite, this variant is sure to perk up the senses.

With a purifying, revitalizing scent, this burner oil is sure to make even the most sensitive of noses happy at its subtlety and keep the bugs away.

It smells slightly minty and offers a cooling, invigorating sensation.

For fans of slightly more floral scents, lavender will be your best bet. The best part? It also helps people relax and reduces stress.

Green Tea
For those who prefer more natural scents, we have the non-invasive, clean, fresh scent of green tea, perfect for your home or office.

Bamboo offers an earthy, natural scent that will bring the great outdoors into your home.


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