Free-range products are derived from conventional livestock that is allowed to roam freely in certain open areas for part of their day. The certified free-range chickens we breed at Fresh Start are raised without using antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO. Instead, they are raised on a diet of organic fruits and vegetables produced on our own farm.

Fresh Start offers Darag chickens. This type of chicken, when cooked, contains less fat, more protein, more potassium and more unsaturated fatty acid. According to a study by FNRI-DOST (Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology), consumer-type panelists rated this meat, cooked as tinola, as something they "like very much" in terms of flavor and general acceptability.

Apart from the chickens themselves, their eggs are also higher in Omega-6, a fatty acid the human body needs for growth, development and brain functions.



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