Coffee is one of the agricultural products that are in demand in our fast paced world. Although studies are still being done about its potential health benefits, some that have been discovered include: a decreased risk of Parkinson's disease, colon cancer, and gallstones, acting as a mood booster, helping with asthma and headaches and allowing you to be more alert. This is not to say that we should consume excessive amounts of coffee. As they say, good things should be taken in moderation and coffee is no different.

Fresh Start Organic Coffee Blends
Fresh Start coffee is made from coffee trees planted by various mountain communities in the remaining forested areas of Negros Occidental, including Sag-ang in La Castellana and Yubo in La Carlota. The production process follows NISARDS protocol for quality control, assuring you that it is grown naturally. Our varieties are certified organic by NICERT, with a production process traceable from coffee to cup. We grow our coffee trees organically, without using chemicals or pesticides. This ensures the growth of biodiversity and healthy soils. Because we promote "shade-grown" coffee trees (see box below), we are also supporting the increase of forest covers and protect our water shed areas.



Most coffee plants are naturally shade-grown as it tends to flourish as part of the understory in tropical rainforests. Allowing it to grow this way contributes to the biodiversity of the forests, protection of bird habitats (in Negros, we help protect the Bleeding Heart Pigeon)
and additional benefits for the small coffee farmers (such as additional harvest in fruit and nuts, less exposure to toxic chemicals and lower production costs).

Because the demand for coffee is high, many producers have turned to sun-grown coffee to meet it. But growing coffee this way necessitates the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals to help it grow. At the same time, it requires leveling the forests, which depletes many natural ecosystems of plant and animal life.

By choosing to purchase shade-grown coffee, you are not only getting to savor delicious naturally flavored coffee, but are part of a bigger movement to protect the environment or, in this case, the homes of many living organisms.

Each red coffee cherry is selectively handpicked to ensure quality control. Because they're allowed to mature more slowly in the shade, the natural sugars increase and enhance the coffee's flavor.This affordable coffee is made of good quality, with a distinctive flavor that
pleases the tongue. With each sip, you can be sure you're drinking the local best and doing your part to help the environment and your fellow Negrenses. Our varieties include the Negrense Blend (Robusta) and the Mt. Kanlaon Blend (Arabica and Robusta).

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