Fresh Start Natural Soaps use virgin coconut oil as their main ingredient. This oil is derived from coconuts, which are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals – this basically means many additional healthy benefits.


Each variant below is created from natural, plant-based materials, adding a healthy, environmentally friendly touch to our product line

Hints of coffee help boost your energy levels, while tempered with notes of honey to keep skin hydrated and looking as fresh as you feel. Coffee exfoliates skin, leaving it smooth and toned, while honey is antibacterial and encourages healing.

The herb basil's tones in this soap help you feel calm, clean and collected. Its scent helps fight against sinuses and colds, while it helps keep your skin free of blemishes.

Guava Rosemary
Guava soothes and smoothes skin, helping it to remain toned and youthful, pairing perfectly with the herb stimulant rosemary. Guava offers the additional benefit of being anti-viral, preventing coughs and colds, and also reducing cholesterol. Rosemary, on the other hand, prevents cell damage, wrinkles and aging of the skin.

Tea Tree
Aside from being entirely antibacterial, tea tree offers a subtly stimulating scent and the promise of clearer, smoother skin. It helps relieve acne and skin irritations, as well as fighting fungal infections.

Moringa serves as a skin moisturizer, helping to revitalize dry skin. With substantial amounts of Vitamins A and C, potassium, iron, protein and calcium, this variant offers nutrition with a punch. Moringa is also used to treat skin abrasions, insomnia, stress and anemia among other things.

With its pleasing fruity scent, papaya only adds sweetness, with the additional benefit of softer, smoother, clearer skin. Papaya also helps to even out skin tone and also treats acne and other skin irritations.

Ideal for more sensitive skin, oatmeal is often used to prevent or treat itchiness and rashes in a gentle manner. It also helps moisturize dry skin, absorb excess oil on oily skin, reduce skin inflammation and protects skin in harsh weather conditions.

Patchouli's earthy, rich aroma is paired with the ability to help keep skin clear and smooth. It can help get rid of marks, blemishes or scars, acts as an astringent, fights skin infections and works as an antidepressant.

Tomato Orange
Tomatoes help keep your skin moisturized, clear and young; it also helps fight acne, cleanses pores and leaves skin rosy. Orange adds more punch with a tantalizing, soothing scent and the guarantee of being anti-bacterial. It also contains Vitamins A, B and C, which helps remove scars, stretch marks and dry skin.

Lavender offers an antibacterial, astringent soap with a delicious, relaxing scent. It is gentle on skin, antiseptic, antibacterial and helps heal skin wounds.

Cucumber/Tea Tree
Get your skin smooth and glowing with the cooling effect of cucumber while the tea tree oil gets you squeaky clean. Tea tree also fights skin and fungal infections; cucumber actually helps to strengthen your nails.

Nourish your skin while you relax and enjoy the cooling effect of the sharp scent peppermint provides. Its scent helps relieve headaches, nausea, stress and pain. It moisturizes dry skin and helps improve oily skin as well.

Glutathione will whiten your skin while ensuring it stays clear, smooth and young. It also helps remove toxins from the body, maintains healthy body cells, and helps slow down skin aging.

Oatmeal serves as the perfect natural exfoliant and moisturizer for the skin, while glutathione will whiten your skin, remove toxins and prevent skin aging.

Lemongrass clears, soothes and tones the skin and leaves a fresh, citrus scent in its wake. It promotes healthy cell growth, helps fight infections, acts as an antiseptic and also works as an astringent.


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